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FEBRUARY 10 - 18, 2024

From playwright, Brendan Murray


Step into the whimsical world of joy as Pixie & Dot unveil their highly anticipated theatrical season with a lively rendition of Hare & Tortoise. In this spellbinding performance, the classic fable dances to life on stage, brought to you with a unique blend of laughter, creativity, and heartfelt vibes.
Join the dynamic duo, Pixie and Dot, as they infuse the timeless tale with vibrant energy. The nimble Hare (Hendricks) and steadfast Tortoise (Deighton) take centre stage. Get ready to be whisked away by the artist’ skilful interpretations, as they effortlessly mix agility and grace to embody the essence of the age-old story.
But the magic doesn't stop there – Pixie & Dot promise an event brimming with chuckles, heartwarming moments, and a parade of colour that will stay etched in your heart. The stage transforms into a playground of playful antics and emotionally charged performances, creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of storytelling.
Snag your tickets for the grand opening of Pixie & Dot's first full theatrical season, where Hare & Tortoise sets the tone for a year of unforgettable performances.
Join us for an performance of whimsy, cheer, and artistic fun that will have you eagerly anticipating the next act in this extraordinary theatrical journey.


The Dot & Ziggy team is back together to bring you Hare & Tortoise! 

The cast includes: Michelle Deighton as Tortoise, Corey Hendricks as Hare with Musical Director Tayler Harrison. Directed by Artistic Director - Dawn Ewen.

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NOVEMBER 2 - 10, 2023

Created by Michelle Deighton, Angela Schjodt and Pixie & Dot Productions


This new play from Pixie & Dot productions beautifully unfolds Skylar's journey to accept her uniqueness, and to see the beauty each of us carries in our own way. Throughout the story, Skylar goes on a quest to discover the beauty of individuality and where she belongs. She meets a charming ensemble of characters who help her realize that being unique is a gift to be celebrated. The kind-hearted Moose, the wise Snow Fox, and the adventurous Penguin all play a part in Skylar's self-discovery. Oh, and just wait until we all meet the twin sister Bears and their squishy bundles of joy.

The play is not only a visual spectacle with stunning set designs that recreate a winter wonderland but also a tale of self-acceptance and celebrating diversity. Skylar's transformation from feeling like an outcast to embracing her individuality resonates with audiences of all ages. It's a story that reminds us that our differences are what make us special and that it's okay to stand out in a world that sometimes pressures us to conform.
Audiences leave the theater with hearts full of warmth and a renewed appreciation for the unique qualities that make each of us who we are. Skylar is a touching reminder that we should celebrate our differences and that it's those very differences that make the world a more beautiful and interesting place.
This play serves as an inspiring reminder to us all, encouraging everyone to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate what makes each of us different. Skylar's journey from self-doubt to self-love is a powerful story that is sure to touch hearts and remind us that, just like snowflakes, we are all one-of-a-kind.

Featuring engaging, interactive, immersive sensory experiences for early learners! 


This ensemble team led by Director - Dawn Ewen includes Casey Easton, Jacqueline Seneshen, Musical Director - Tayler Harrison, Writer & Production Properties - Angela Schjodt, and starring our very own Dot - Michelle Deighton as Skylar.

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OCTOBER 12 - 22, 2023

Created by Linda Hartzell, Mark Perry and Seattle Children's Theatre Music by Chris Walker


Kids are immediately drawn into this interactive theatre piece which alternately has guests sitting on the floor mats and moving about the theatre space as two very different animals become dear friends.

First our ladybug, Dot, meets Ziggy the skunk and invites the audience to join in the action as they compare differences. After examining circles and stripes on and around them, Ziggy encourages Dot to run, jump, wiggle, roll and leap to the warm, dark and dry den he calls home. Playing tug-of-war with a flower, the two explore the idea of sharing. They play a game of putting things in and out, then encourage the audience to participate by placing scarves in a box.

Next it’s all about your toddler’s favorite game, the Hokey Pokey. The audience is invited to clap as the two friends climb over many obstacles on their way to the cool, light and wet home of Dot. The friends investigate and demonstrate the concept of up and down, which naturally transitions to artists and audience members acting out the Itsy Bitsy Spider hand rhyme. The sun emerges, Spider notices the two friends have learned to share and the audience exits under a cloud of blissful bubbles.


The cast of Dot & Ziggy includes Michelle Deighton, Corey Hendricks and musician Tayler Harrison. Joining the cast is the amazing production crew led by Director - Dawn Ewen, Set Designer - Casey Easton, Production Properties - Angela Schjodt, Costumes - Pixie & Dot.

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