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2024 Season Announcement

Introducing Pixie & Dot's Spectacular Season of Growth!

Embark on a whimsical journey with Pixie & Dot as they unveil an enchanting lineup for their inaugural season, set to blossom throughout 2024. This year, our magical duo invites you to join them in celebrating the ever-changing joys of life with six captivating shows, each thoughtfully curated to mirror the vibrant growth we experience in every season

🐰 - Hare & Tortoise - 🐢

"Fast and slow, in a whimsical show! Join the Hare and Tortoise for a tale that'll make your imagination race!"



🦊 - Fletcher & The Springtime Blossoms - 🌸

"Blossom into a world of wonder with Fletcher as he discovers the magic of friendship in 'Fletcher and The Springtime Blossoms' – where every petal holds a playful surprise!"



🐽 - Little Piglet Gets a Sister - 🍼

"Squeals of Joy, Oinks of Adventure – Little Piglet’s Big Sister Spectacle!"



🎭 - Elephant & Piggie’s We Are In A Play! - 🎫

"Join Elephant and Piggie for a whimsical adventure where laughter takes centre stage – it's a showstopping spectacle of friendship and fun!"

July 13 & 14 - July 20 & 21


🪿 - Mother Goose - 📚

"Get ready to giggle and rhyme, as Mother Goose takes centre stage, turning tales into a feather-filled frenzy of fun for everyone!"

September 14 & 15 - September 21 & 22


🐸 - A Year With Frog & Toad - 🍄

"Hop into a whimsical world of friendship and adventure with 'A Year With Frog And Toad'—where laughter leaps and imaginations take flight!"

November 9 & 10 - November 16 & 17

Our Season

The Pixie & Dot Six Show Series

Unlock a world of magical moments and delightful adventures with our exclusive Six Show Series featuring the enchanting duo, Pixie and Dot! Elevate your entertainment experience and embark on a journey filled with laughter, wonder, and heartwarming stories.

Age Recommendation: All Ages

A little is 12 and under

A big is 13 and up

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